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Honestly, Elizabeth Zimmermann continues to outdo herself, even in death. The baby surprise jacket is one thing, but this amazing footnote of a pattern from the Opinionated Knitter is pure geometric, mind-numbing heaven, especially when done in this lovely yarn: Mary’s Little Lamb.

Here it is on Ravelry…note very few version of the baby one…with no seams! If that link doesn’t work for you, you probably don’t care anyway 😉 You can see the pale, Banana Republic-esque pink of the “Lobster Bisque” colorway below. However, since this photo I ripped out the wrong-facing triangle, and knit 1.25 more. I would LOVE to do this blanket in lots of colors!

In doll news, my family is larger than ever. I got a MSR who I am not bonding with and might sell. But I also adopted a Pullip and Taeyang couple who needed to stay together and they’re quite happy haunting our bookshelves in their thrift-store style. Bax and Minou:

All I want to do is knit on my baby blanket (not the impending Halloween deadline pumpkin hat for said child) and not think about the huge pile of administrative paperwork, grading, and extracurricular nonsense that is associated with teaching!
My newest love is my DRTA Dal Brea. Pics soon. She HAITs u.


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I wonder why we like little things so much. I love how many crazy aunties by girls have who can’t resist the temptation to make something small. Even smaller than possible for hoomans. Life reduced in scale, it’s poignant, precious. The doll laundry doesn’t pile up, the doll dishes never need to be done.
I made a wee cardigan that needs some serious perfecting, from this less than lovely (imho) colorway of fixation. (I love orange and pink and purple, just not together in this form, I don’t know. It’s like Kureyon 102 without the blue and yellow, but that takes away something). I started with 24 stitches on 3s, and then just kind of fudged it.
Here’s Garnet (with a haircut) modeling it:
Garnet in the cardi

Here’s a mental-visual list of things I’d like to learn to sew for Blythe:

A trenchcoat like these lovely ones on etsy

A high-necked halter dress like this.

A dress with wide waist like this. I’m getting one of these dresses from dear froggymonkey, who is lucky enough to have them at her local Walmart, so I’ll be able to study it.

Now I need one of my girls crazy aunts aka my unsuspecting sewing mentors to step up so I can actually do some of these. 🙂

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She came yesterday! It was love at first site, as soon as I saw her chestnut curls.Happily, I also got four rement outfits, eyechips, and some bratz clothes. Garnet had a busy first day…

Good thing I let her take a nap to recover from her trip.

Then she tried on some new clothes. The rement orange dress is her fav.

Thanks for the boots, Barbie people, but your clothes suck.

Before she made the social rounds, I did a light customization by trimming her eyelashes. See photo.

Then she met her kitty Godmother, Tessa the Perplexing. 🙂 “I’m sure we’ll have lots in common, Dolly.”

After that, she met Blue Bear, Omar’s childhood bear, who was snoozing on the doll futon.

Then it was time for her first outing. We met Aunt Jess and some other knitters. Aunt Jess had a present, a flannel nighty. Well, that AC can get kind of chilly!

When we got home, it was time for outpatient eye surgery. “It’s just like color contacts,” I told her, after Omar was scaremongering.

She looks gorgeous with her new olive eyechips!

Here she is modeling her nightgown and prototype dolly socks.

The socks are imperfect but I’ll make a better version soon.

“I didn’t get enough sleep between the sock modeling and the morning photoshoot! What’s wrong you! It’s too early for pictures!”

Uh, yeah, G, it’s also too early for blogging yet here I am.

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