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I wonder why we like little things so much. I love how many crazy aunties by girls have who can’t resist the temptation to make something small. Even smaller than possible for hoomans. Life reduced in scale, it’s poignant, precious. The doll laundry doesn’t pile up, the doll dishes never need to be done.
I made a wee cardigan that needs some serious perfecting, from this less than lovely (imho) colorway of fixation. (I love orange and pink and purple, just not together in this form, I don’t know. It’s like Kureyon 102 without the blue and yellow, but that takes away something). I started with 24 stitches on 3s, and then just kind of fudged it.
Here’s Garnet (with a haircut) modeling it:
Garnet in the cardi

Here’s a mental-visual list of things I’d like to learn to sew for Blythe:

A trenchcoat like these lovely ones on etsy

A high-necked halter dress like this.

A dress with wide waist like this. I’m getting one of these dresses from dear froggymonkey, who is lucky enough to have them at her local Walmart, so I’ll be able to study it.

Now I need one of my girls crazy aunts aka my unsuspecting sewing mentors to step up so I can actually do some of these. 🙂


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She was the hardest to name. I gave up on Aven “Aventurine” because I just didn’t think it fit.

This is Fable. I have cut her weird tendrils and dressed her in some sketchy Blythism jumper from M. that seems to fit her name 🙂

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Clever arrived today. I must say, it was total love at first sight all over again, for both G and I.  They were all like “Alonza gets the futon!”

She is prettier than any picture I’ve ever seen of her. Her special eyechips are amazing! I can’t ever decide which is my favorite. She and I need to have a brown eyed girl photoshoot, though.

Garnet loves her, too. Speaking of G, we just spent some quality time together. It involved gluesticks. 🙂 I changed her blue stock eyes to Brainworm Smoke Green (I think) and they look amazing! (Note: The side chips were considerably more stubborn to remove than the front facing ones. )

It’s as if her personality keeps emerging more, I love it. I think I am going to create a Dolly meme to help everyone introduce their girls.

icon: garnet

Doll: ADG Roaring Red

Name: Garnet

secret nickname for myself: Scarlett

Astrological sign: Scorpio

Favorite color: Garnet, of course

Favorite movie: Gone with the Wind

I should have been born in: The old South or Victorian England

My biggest secret: I wear a hairnet to bed

Favorite quote: “I used to be snow white, but I drifted.” -Mae West

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