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It’s tough to find doll clothes, nowadays. I remember aisles upon aisles of shocking pink boxes, cars, ponies, dream houses, and of course clothes, and shoes to lose. But given the state of the economy, my visits to Walmart, Target, and Toys R Us proved much less fruitful than I’d hoped. I was looking for Bratz Boyz clothes, possibly some Bratz girl jeans and accessories, and maybe Top Model clothes. However, the local Toys R Us had the saddest little Barbie aisle I’ve ever seen. Times have changed, has Barbie changed fast enough to keep up? Bratz clothes were even harder to find. They seem to have fallen into the marketing gimmick that you’ll sell more dolls if you can only get more clothes by buying another doll.

Thus discouraged, I had to satisfy my need to pre-clothe my girl, I ordered an orange houndstooth pleated dress on etsy and some Bratz Boyz clothes from an ebay seller who generously (or at least fairly) combines shipping.

Then we checked out another Toys R Us in a newer part of town and faired better, but it’s obvious doll clothes just aren’t what they used to be.

I got this Fashion Fever Set. I’d looked at the blouse and plaid pants online, so I was pleased. I hope some of the shoes fit!

Even though I’m not much of a sewer, by hand or machine, I still wanted to try my hand at some of the puchi collective patterns. I set off to meet my quilting friend who had some fabric for me at the yarn store. Well, it turned into a dolly sewing circle and I left with three dresses for my girl(s), one of which was made by me. The other two ladies were way more professional, but they taught me tons about sewing and pattern following/drafting. (mine, jen’s, jamie’s)


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