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I’ve slowly been trying to find some more time for my dollies. Since the update has been so long in coming, I’ve realized that there’s been some shifting of dolls since I last joined you. I now have 9 Blythes, 2 Pullips (one in pieces), 1 Taeyang, and 1 Dal. 2 Blythes were sold and went to live elsewhere (ADG MM and MSR)

Here’s the current B-fam.

1. Garnet 2. Clever 3. Alonza

4. Dell 5. Cade 6. Fisk

7. Pollen 8. Florrie 9. ?

Florrie and my Veronica Lace arrived this month and I love them both so much. I now have as many RBLs as SBLs. I’ve been feeling a bit overwhelmed by 9 girls but I’m not sure if any will be up for adoption or not. If so, it would probably be Dell and/or Cade. But they are Garnet and Alonza’s BFFs, so what are you going to do?

I keep wondering who Alonza’s true twinnie is. She tells me she has one. I thought for sure it was Aubrena but now I’m not so sure. I think it’s more likely it’s another hybrid RBL with an Aubrey scalp.Alonza needs some love, and perhaps a new spring.

What to name Veronica Lace? She is my fairy tale girl with her crazy gleer (glitter deer) Ram and Jam. My two options thusfar are Grimm or Rampion, which is Francais for Rapunzel.

I’m so thrilled about Florrie. She is the CUTEST doll, no contest. I’m not rushing them, but I think Clever might finally, finally have a BFF. I’ve always wanted a custom Ebony since I saw dolli*fever’s Piper. I thought I would trim her bangs but now I think it’s part of her personality to have slightly shaggy hair.

And for the days that I just have to say F-the-world! there’s Brea and her dolly Molly Weasley to watch over me.

I do love my Jun Planning dolls…I adore Bax and Minou the Pullip/Taeyang couple, they are fun to dress up and have such a style. Brea, likewise, is like no other doll and has her own personality, no contest. However, the quality of the dolls is just disappointing. I hate their floppy bodies and fragile appendages and I don’t have money/time to waste in getting them new bodies.  I have another Pullip I kind of accidentally won on ebay. She’s gorgeous but her limbs are all fractured and I just want to sell her and not deal with having to fix it. Plus what i like about my other Pullip is that she’s so quirky and not just pretty pretty, so having one who is so traditionally pretty would take away from that. I also hate hate their wigs and the poor qualitiy of them. I wish they had rooted hair.

So close to being done with baby blanket Zen!


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Honestly, Elizabeth Zimmermann continues to outdo herself, even in death. The baby surprise jacket is one thing, but this amazing footnote of a pattern from the Opinionated Knitter is pure geometric, mind-numbing heaven, especially when done in this lovely yarn: Mary’s Little Lamb.

Here it is on Ravelry…note very few version of the baby one…with no seams! If that link doesn’t work for you, you probably don’t care anyway 😉 You can see the pale, Banana Republic-esque pink of the “Lobster Bisque” colorway below. However, since this photo I ripped out the wrong-facing triangle, and knit 1.25 more. I would LOVE to do this blanket in lots of colors!

In doll news, my family is larger than ever. I got a MSR who I am not bonding with and might sell. But I also adopted a Pullip and Taeyang couple who needed to stay together and they’re quite happy haunting our bookshelves in their thrift-store style. Bax and Minou:

All I want to do is knit on my baby blanket (not the impending Halloween deadline pumpkin hat for said child) and not think about the huge pile of administrative paperwork, grading, and extracurricular nonsense that is associated with teaching!
My newest love is my DRTA Dal Brea. Pics soon. She HAITs u.

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