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In my summer of Blythe. Soon I’ll have to go back to teaching and not get to spend so much time with my dollies. We are also moving, so the whole thing is just crazypants. My last doll of the summer arrives today, #6, and to round things out, she’s and ADG like Garnet. I am pretty sure her name will be Aventurine, or Aven. She’s a Medieval Mood, so she’s going to probably look like Garnet with straight hair. I’ll be curious to see if there are differences because she’s one of the older ADGs, but I know she will be gorgeous and not resemble a green monkey. Omar confided in me that he was the one who won the Bratz Tokyo Pop Car on ebay! Eeep! An anniversary gift for me. Here are the results of my head opening surgery: spray matte, boggled, gaze corrected.

Clever was also matted, and last night she had a fabulous haircut which has yet to be photographed. Garnet had a slightly less exciting haircut, but her hair was getting too snarly for me to deal with.

The girls had an adventure which involved puppets! Click the pic for the whole story (flickr set)

WOOT. We got our fab Blythe Mode MJs. We are fortunate to be in the good graces of the shoe people.

Join our flickr group for Blythe in Barbie and Bratz clothes. Promised to be heavily guarded against spam by the meanest biotches around who don’t want to see your etsy ad in their community! Down with DIY! Up with shiny, nasty, stiff fabrics and crappy serged hems! Here’s Alonza is some Barbie clothes (Not fashion fever, and still fit pretty well!)


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It’s hard to create a dolly microcosm when you are trying to move. When we get to the condo, the girls will have the top 2 shelves of a bookcase all to themselves. Currently they are living in two squares of Ikea expedit, which is not big enough! And the family is growing!

Here are the long awaited pictures of the doll furniture I’ve been working on: Wardrobe (cd crate w/ dowel), bed (serving tray with foam) and a little nightstand. We still need to make hangers.


Here’s the dresser:


Here’s Alonza in a headscarf made by Aunt KiKi: (one of their many crazy crafty aunties). She’s sitting at the 1972 Vintage Barbie table. I’ve got two more chairs on the way for it.


Garnet got a sweater made of handdyed fiber from Stephanie, handspun and knit by KiKi. Wow!


Alonza immediately tries to borrow it, and Garnet is bemused.

borrow sweater

Alonza wants to fill out the meme. Clever is still being shy, although her hair is improving.

icon:lonza icon

Doll:Prima Dolly Aubrey Encore

Name: Alonza

secret nickname for myself: Zon

Astrological sign: Libra

Favorite color: I love all colors!

Favorite movie: Pretty in Pink

I should have been born in: The 80s

My biggest secret: I have a long lost twin sister, Alvina. B says it may be ages until we see each other! 😦

Favorite quote: find it here


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Clever arrived today. I must say, it was total love at first sight all over again, for both G and I.  They were all like “Alonza gets the futon!”

She is prettier than any picture I’ve ever seen of her. Her special eyechips are amazing! I can’t ever decide which is my favorite. She and I need to have a brown eyed girl photoshoot, though.

Garnet loves her, too. Speaking of G, we just spent some quality time together. It involved gluesticks. 🙂 I changed her blue stock eyes to Brainworm Smoke Green (I think) and they look amazing! (Note: The side chips were considerably more stubborn to remove than the front facing ones. )

It’s as if her personality keeps emerging more, I love it. I think I am going to create a Dolly meme to help everyone introduce their girls.

icon: garnet

Doll: ADG Roaring Red

Name: Garnet

secret nickname for myself: Scarlett

Astrological sign: Scorpio

Favorite color: Garnet, of course

Favorite movie: Gone with the Wind

I should have been born in: The old South or Victorian England

My biggest secret: I wear a hairnet to bed

Favorite quote: “I used to be snow white, but I drifted.” -Mae West

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