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Who’s on the way: my first blythes!

  • ADG Roaring Red – Garnet
  • Prima Aubrey Encore – Alonza
  • Save the Animals – ???
  • Petite: Friendly Giraffe

My other favorites:

  • Save the Animals
  • Rainy Day Parade
  • Cloud 9 Bowl
  • Mod Molly
  • Petite: My Best Friend
  • Petite: Friendly Giraffe
  • Petite: Cassandra Black
  • Birdie Blue
  • Dainty Biscuit
  • Stock Outfit: CanCan Cat

Current DIY Doll Projects

  • Sewing, particularly more dresses and nighties
  • Doll Bed, sheets, comforter
  • Doll wardrobe with hangers
  • Doll Dresser
  • Doll nightstand
  • Amazing Blythe sock idea that will make me famous
  • What else to knit my girls?

I am going to die of waiting.


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