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I have actually opened four out of five of my dolls. Here’s the rundown.

1. Alonza. RBL. Easy Peasy gaze correction, boggling. Wow, I thought, this is great. I can do this to all my dolls.

2. Garnet, ADG. A little scary. Involved cutting the back of her scalp open (jaggedly). I then clipped too much off her t-bar and now her eye mech doesn’t click properly. M. figures she has an EBL t-bar, so it needs to be replaced. Also, the ADGs don’t seem to gaze correct quite as dramatically as the Takaras. Their eyemech looks pretty much the same, but it has a much softer click and seems to just naturally rest lower despite how long the t-bar is.

3. Clever, SBL. Since she’s a STA and I heard the later SBLs are easier, I went for it with the pry method.  Her faceplate came off pretty easy with minimal cutting. I needed to re-spray matte her and swap some eyechips.  I managed to chip her grey eyechip, and over-boggle her so that her lower eye mech shows. I’m waiting for advice to figure out how to correct this hopefully without carving the lower eye mech.

4. Cade. SBL. She’s got that notorious PWP downward gaze plus a very loose neck. I tried my hardest to open her head but it just wasn’t happening. I cut away her scalp on the back of her head for basically no reason at all. I finally ended up gaze correcting her without having her head all the way open, I just wedged her open, swiveled her t-bar around, and clipped it with a animal nail clippers. Then I wrapped a little clear rubber band around her neck to create friction. Her gaze is more blythe-normal (not totally corrected, but oh well) and her neck is nice and snug. All in all, a sucess, but she does have some marks around her face plate from prying.

(5. Dell is looking at me like “Don’t you f’ing come near me, crazy lady. I really do think I will leave her alone because there are no further issues.)

6?? what?? 🙂


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In my summer of Blythe. Soon I’ll have to go back to teaching and not get to spend so much time with my dollies. We are also moving, so the whole thing is just crazypants. My last doll of the summer arrives today, #6, and to round things out, she’s and ADG like Garnet. I am pretty sure her name will be Aventurine, or Aven. She’s a Medieval Mood, so she’s going to probably look like Garnet with straight hair. I’ll be curious to see if there are differences because she’s one of the older ADGs, but I know she will be gorgeous and not resemble a green monkey. Omar confided in me that he was the one who won the Bratz Tokyo Pop Car on ebay! Eeep! An anniversary gift for me. Here are the results of my head opening surgery: spray matte, boggled, gaze corrected.

Clever was also matted, and last night she had a fabulous haircut which has yet to be photographed. Garnet had a slightly less exciting haircut, but her hair was getting too snarly for me to deal with.

The girls had an adventure which involved puppets! Click the pic for the whole story (flickr set)

WOOT. We got our fab Blythe Mode MJs. We are fortunate to be in the good graces of the shoe people.

Join our flickr group for Blythe in Barbie and Bratz clothes. Promised to be heavily guarded against spam by the meanest biotches around who don’t want to see your etsy ad in their community! Down with DIY! Up with shiny, nasty, stiff fabrics and crappy serged hems! Here’s Alonza is some Barbie clothes (Not fashion fever, and still fit pretty well!)

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I opened my first Blythe head! Alonza’s a champ. She’s also my only RBL, so she was a shoe in.

I wanted to gaze correct, boggle, and spray matte.

First off, it took me ages to unhook the spring, I finally had to use tweezers, I have tiny crochet hooks but they don’t cooperate!

I cut my t-bar but I had no real idea how the eye mech worked or what the t-bar position was supposed to be, so I freaked out for a good 15 minutes that I cut it too short. Then I got it back in place, and whew, all is well.

The boggling still needs to be checked, but jeebus, getting the eye mech out was way harder than I thought. I need all sorts of cheerleading for these things, mostly “press harder than you think you should!” It just flew out and I don’t know if I’d be able to replicate that motion. 🙂 Thank god for the little tools in my sewing machine repair kit.

During this whole process I’ve been searching the TIB board and flickr trying to get views of innerworkings of heads, I reread the Puchi tutorials so many times and wasn’t getting it.

I couldn’t find Testors Dullcote anywhere! I checked the newest Micheal’s, Joann, and a hobby shop. At the hobby shop the guy sold me Model Master Flat Lusterless. I really hope it works. Alonza is on the balcony right now with her first coat drying. I read a few good things about it in a BJD forum and it’s made by the same company.

So far, the first coat looks good! I kept her string attached and just put her eyemech in a ziplock.

Clever’s the other one I’m definitely spraymatting, I can’t get a decent picture of either of them because of their paleness and shine. But I’m not opening Clever’s head just for that, so I’ll just have to mask her off and go to town.

ADGs don’t need spraymatting, and I want to keep Dell kind of shiny, plus the Magic Eraser kind of matted her a bit (plus if I ever want her to have blush I’ll probably sand matte her).

Cade is sort of a project, she has some stress cracks from shipping, and she has a loose head that I’ve seen a few other people refer to as almost endemic of PWPs. She also has that extreme downward gaze so if I do end up opening her, I’ll replace her body, gaze correct, and spray matte.

I was suprised how unemotional I’ve been seeing Alonza apart, it’s been interesting and I’ve learned a lot!

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