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I wonder why we like little things so much. I love how many crazy aunties by girls have who can’t resist the temptation to make something small. Even smaller than possible for hoomans. Life reduced in scale, it’s poignant, precious. The doll laundry doesn’t pile up, the doll dishes never need to be done.
I made a wee cardigan that needs some serious perfecting, from this less than lovely (imho) colorway of fixation. (I love orange and pink and purple, just not together in this form, I don’t know. It’s like Kureyon 102 without the blue and yellow, but that takes away something). I started with 24 stitches on 3s, and then just kind of fudged it.
Here’s Garnet (with a haircut) modeling it:
Garnet in the cardi

Here’s a mental-visual list of things I’d like to learn to sew for Blythe:

A trenchcoat like these lovely ones on etsy

A high-necked halter dress like this.

A dress with wide waist like this. I’m getting one of these dresses from dear froggymonkey, who is lucky enough to have them at her local Walmart, so I’ll be able to study it.

Now I need one of my girls crazy aunts aka my unsuspecting sewing mentors to step up so I can actually do some of these. 🙂


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I have actually opened four out of five of my dolls. Here’s the rundown.

1. Alonza. RBL. Easy Peasy gaze correction, boggling. Wow, I thought, this is great. I can do this to all my dolls.

2. Garnet, ADG. A little scary. Involved cutting the back of her scalp open (jaggedly). I then clipped too much off her t-bar and now her eye mech doesn’t click properly. M. figures she has an EBL t-bar, so it needs to be replaced. Also, the ADGs don’t seem to gaze correct quite as dramatically as the Takaras. Their eyemech looks pretty much the same, but it has a much softer click and seems to just naturally rest lower despite how long the t-bar is.

3. Clever, SBL. Since she’s a STA and I heard the later SBLs are easier, I went for it with the pry method.  Her faceplate came off pretty easy with minimal cutting. I needed to re-spray matte her and swap some eyechips.  I managed to chip her grey eyechip, and over-boggle her so that her lower eye mech shows. I’m waiting for advice to figure out how to correct this hopefully without carving the lower eye mech.

4. Cade. SBL. She’s got that notorious PWP downward gaze plus a very loose neck. I tried my hardest to open her head but it just wasn’t happening. I cut away her scalp on the back of her head for basically no reason at all. I finally ended up gaze correcting her without having her head all the way open, I just wedged her open, swiveled her t-bar around, and clipped it with a animal nail clippers. Then I wrapped a little clear rubber band around her neck to create friction. Her gaze is more blythe-normal (not totally corrected, but oh well) and her neck is nice and snug. All in all, a sucess, but she does have some marks around her face plate from prying.

(5. Dell is looking at me like “Don’t you f’ing come near me, crazy lady. I really do think I will leave her alone because there are no further issues.)

6?? what?? 🙂

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In my summer of Blythe. Soon I’ll have to go back to teaching and not get to spend so much time with my dollies. We are also moving, so the whole thing is just crazypants. My last doll of the summer arrives today, #6, and to round things out, she’s and ADG like Garnet. I am pretty sure her name will be Aventurine, or Aven. She’s a Medieval Mood, so she’s going to probably look like Garnet with straight hair. I’ll be curious to see if there are differences because she’s one of the older ADGs, but I know she will be gorgeous and not resemble a green monkey. Omar confided in me that he was the one who won the Bratz Tokyo Pop Car on ebay! Eeep! An anniversary gift for me. Here are the results of my head opening surgery: spray matte, boggled, gaze corrected.

Clever was also matted, and last night she had a fabulous haircut which has yet to be photographed. Garnet had a slightly less exciting haircut, but her hair was getting too snarly for me to deal with.

The girls had an adventure which involved puppets! Click the pic for the whole story (flickr set)

WOOT. We got our fab Blythe Mode MJs. We are fortunate to be in the good graces of the shoe people.

Join our flickr group for Blythe in Barbie and Bratz clothes. Promised to be heavily guarded against spam by the meanest biotches around who don’t want to see your etsy ad in their community! Down with DIY! Up with shiny, nasty, stiff fabrics and crappy serged hems! Here’s Alonza is some Barbie clothes (Not fashion fever, and still fit pretty well!)

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Two new girls joined our household last week, and I’ve only just had time to introduce them. 5 dollies are a lot of work!

Here are Dell and Cade, stretching after their long trip.


Here’s Dell. Her full name is Bedell, my mom’s maiden name. She kind of reminds me of pictures of my mom when she was younger. She’s a Birdie Blue, my first and only EBL. I like her small, perfect eyes and gorgeous hair. I did not expect her to be so stunning.


She’s had two sets of eyechips changed, which is standard in our house.

The first are Man GG Girl (ebay) dark brown painted with black paint and foiled. The second are unfoiled Man GG Girl blue. She’s also had her stock yellowy blush removed, although I thought I liked it in photos, it was much less peachy in person.

dell browndellblue

Next is Pow Wow Poncho Cade, short for Arcadia, which is my oldest online handle, a reference to Greek myth and more applicably, a hokey 80s cartoon I loved. Given this, I hope to tell Cade all my secrets about my early experiences on AOL. 🙂


Cade only has one set of new eyechips so far, purple Man GG Girl’s, painted and foiled. I put in some green with foils and I hated the foils so I took them out. I might paint them or just put them in plain.


While I was Magic Erasering off Dell’s offending blush, I decided, probably from low ADG esteem brought on by the community at large, to try to lighten Garnet’s lip color. It resulted in a hole in the color in her bottom lip, so I got to have my first adventure in lip painting! It took me several tries, but in the end I’m happy. I think the coral suits her. The hardest part was that the varnish was so thick and gooey.

garnet lips

Clever’s been out a bit for a knitting date at Unlimited with Jess and Aris:


We had a hair clinic tonight. Garnet’s hair has reached a state of frizz I can’t quite deal with (probably from having a ponytail while her lips were being painted). Alonza got a fringe trim, finally. Dell just got a comb out since she was in pigtails, and poor Clever had her hair washed for the billionth time because it still felt greasy from the fabric softener. I was so inspired I clipped off some weird patches of my own hair.

The petites have been sold. I have no real plans to buy another doll…well, not really. I do rather fancy FTS as a blonde+fantasy hair combo! I need to get to sewing again before summer’s over. And why are my dolls always barefoot? Well, they’ve been waiting patiently, and now Blythe Mode is here!

Signing off for now. Here’s a picture of the girls. Alonza couldn’t fit so she decided this was the solution!

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It’s hard to create a dolly microcosm when you are trying to move. When we get to the condo, the girls will have the top 2 shelves of a bookcase all to themselves. Currently they are living in two squares of Ikea expedit, which is not big enough! And the family is growing!

Here are the long awaited pictures of the doll furniture I’ve been working on: Wardrobe (cd crate w/ dowel), bed (serving tray with foam) and a little nightstand. We still need to make hangers.


Here’s the dresser:


Here’s Alonza in a headscarf made by Aunt KiKi: (one of their many crazy crafty aunties). She’s sitting at the 1972 Vintage Barbie table. I’ve got two more chairs on the way for it.


Garnet got a sweater made of handdyed fiber from Stephanie, handspun and knit by KiKi. Wow!


Alonza immediately tries to borrow it, and Garnet is bemused.

borrow sweater

Alonza wants to fill out the meme. Clever is still being shy, although her hair is improving.

icon:lonza icon

Doll:Prima Dolly Aubrey Encore

Name: Alonza

secret nickname for myself: Zon

Astrological sign: Libra

Favorite color: I love all colors!

Favorite movie: Pretty in Pink

I should have been born in: The 80s

My biggest secret: I have a long lost twin sister, Alvina. B says it may be ages until we see each other! 😦

Favorite quote: find it here


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Alonza is here!

Poor dear, I yanked out her orange eyechips within 15 minutes of her arrival. 🙂 I don’t think I really started to bond with her until I put on her glasses. Then she had me singing Jefferson Starship!

Lost in thought…her front facing eye chips were replaced with Brainworm Lime. Wow, do her eye chips come out way easier than ADGs.


I’ve been sewing every night. Woohoo. I finally realized I should oil my machine, too. I’m such a noob. Mostly, I am very, very lazy. I want cute clothes for my girls with minimal effort. So I saw someone had made a drawstring neckline dress and I thought, hey, I could do that! After a brief consultation with my blythe mentor (also, crochet mentor, super mama,  and revolutionary of beading in Rhode Island) it was revealed that this was essentially a “pillowcase dress.” So I made a very rough pattern, reproduced here for your viewing pleasure. I am not talking to you sewing masters out there. Those of you who can’t sew, you CAN do this. Pattern ain’t nuthin!


For a lot of these, I use these handy little quilt squares I got when my friend took me grown up fabric store shopping (not Joann’s) Sorry for the crappy photos, i wasted all my camera battery on doll photos and had to hurry.


Directions are as follows:

  1. Cut two of pattern pieces above.
  2. snip and fold over armhole seams (mini iron is so useful here! but a regular one will do)
  3. sew armhole seams by hand or machine (I’ve done both) (both pieces)
  4. sew hemline (both pieces)
  5. fold down and press top of piece so there’s enough space through the seam for whatever kind of ribbon or drawstring you want to use
  6. sew top seam
  7. seam side pieces together
  8. voila! Use a blunt needle to run ribbon through top (either one or two pieces) tie bow on shoulder.



(Garnet always wants to model everything. Her hair is super f’ing gorgeous. I even washed it and combed it out and it’s still lovely)

Here’s a slightly modified version on Lonza, her “wonder bread” dress. I knew this print was for her. This version has an a-line shape but the top is the same. When I make this again, I’ll try to make the top narrower. You can’t see the ribbon on the shoulder, but it’s there. She’s also showing off her new foiled Brainworm toffee eyechips.


I think Clever is shy. She and I are just not on the same page yet. She’s had a lot of hair treatments, and I think maybe she resents it. Here she is modeling the first failed attempt at a pillowcase dress (before I read the directions, duh)


Thought round up: I seriously need to photograph the furniture, but there’s little point getting a dollspace set up because we’re moving so soon. There ARE two more girls coming from far away, I know not when, and I don’t have names for them, or sleeping space! Trying desperately NOT to buy another doll, either a twin for Alonza (Alvina! Come on!) or another ADG. Or you know, whatever strikes my fancy. But having three girls when only two weeks ago I had 0 is overwhelming enough!

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Lightning speed

Alonza should be coming later, today. The girls are ready for her, although they’ve heard she’s sort of a spitfire. Here they are trying to privately discuss the rumor that TWO more girls will be joining her.


I know, this new Blythe obsession has happened at the speed of light. I am just like that sometimes.
There’s plenty to report, of course. We have a new Blythe project. However, for now I’m going to settle for a fashion parade. I made a wrap dress with Jess’s help. It was my first time turning those tiny seams without making a self-lining garment. It turned out okay! Pictured here– the smiling daisy dress. Not actually quite Garnet’s style, I think Alonza will love it! Also, various handmade items pictured previously, but not modeled…Click through to flickr for a larger image.
Wrap dress
handmade shirt/vest
Green girl

Garnet has new eyechips again (Brainworm Smoke Green, I think) and looks beautiful! She is so photogenic, despite the fact that I see at least one ADG slam on the TIB forum per day. 🙂
New eyechips
She thinks this makes her look even more like her idol.

Coming soon: finished furniture pics!

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