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Teaching keeps me mostly out out trouble on das intertubes, I have very little time for anything except a limited circle of flickr, facebook, and the blythe forums. I sometimes add ravelry or livejournal in for good measure. But really Ravelry and Goodreads are just for my own record keeping, for the most part.

Of course, during breaks, I have limitless time to not only surf around but ponder the diaspora that all the  c h o i c e s  online has caused. For a couple that met on livejournal, Omar and I have been out of the same blogging circuit for ages now, and we let our joint knitting blog be crushed under a huge torrent of spam, which is kind of sad and maybe should be remedied. He is on Vox and mostly posts about obscure music shit I don’t care about, and I mostly post about dolls which he gets quite enough of by living with them. It’s weird to think that a few years ago we were blogging together, read 99% of our blogs on LJ, plus over 100 RSS knitting blogs and otherwise. Plus I was sort of half-heartedly on myspace, always, and friendster (!) before that. Now I’m doing my microblogging on facebook like most of my age bracket. I do not reliably read anyone’s blog at all except the one about our new baby niece, except when someone tells me “Hey I updated my blog, check it out.”  Really, wtf? Weird, sort of sad, but inevitable. Most of my kids do nothing but text and use myspace, which is in some ways a very poor substite for social blogging.

There is no point to this except to say, wow I have time to contemplate such matters and wonder if I would prefer differently. I’ve come a long way, baby, to the girl who pioneered blogging by updating my web page “Shut up, Betsy!” on my college server and then be oh so traumatized when I found out my parents were reading it.

In other news, a bad cat in a elf hat:

My EZ garter blanket is finished! I really do affirm that it is baby blanket Zen. I used the cast on and bind off tails to sew up the final seam, so I had ONE end to weave for a big 800 yard baby blanket. Awesome! I also love this pale, beige-y pink which does not add to the glut of pinky-pinky for girl babies.

I love the eyelets! No yarn overs!

The deets on Ravelry.

Doll news is slow, except Omar got a Hujoo for Xmas, who we’ve named Gambrol, aka Gams McGee, private eye. I had a crisis of gift faith after I gave him to her, but he had been admiring them. I swear I don’t have to share all my hobbies with my huz. Does me calling him Huz rather than DH or hubby make you think I am hipper, more original, and less annoying than other old married biddies on the internet? I thought so!

We hope to find some time to get some more dolly photos, Omar got me a knock-off Gorilla pod for xmas so maybe they will be better quality!

Please note the inclusion of another blog islander, Michael McRomance in my blogroll. That blogroll is maki! Ladies, he is single!


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The girl with 1000 blogs

Okay, so I may have found a solution to my discomfort with having too many places to blog. I also hate that non-LJ people can’t read a protected entry, iffin I want them to.
This is hardly an elegant solution, but there doesn’t actually seem to be an elegant solution available, at least not for mac users.
I’ve downloaded a trial version of a program called Marsedit, a desktop blogging client. While it doesn’t allow you to post to more than one blog simultaneously, it pretty easily allows you to click on a just-posted entry, and repost it to another blog you have configured. (We played around with writetomyblog.com, too, but couldn’t get it to function right)
So my idea is this. I will move into Blyther, my wordpress blog (currently just the doll blog) as headquarters. Then I will use Marsedit to repost occasional personal updates to LJ. WordPress allows categories that each have their own RSS feed, so for example, if people just want to read about knitting, or dolls, they can. Plus I can hook up just the knitting category RSS to Ravelry. This will also allow me to automatically configure a category that will be streamed into facebook notes. Additionally, wordpress allows you to password protect individual entries, I can put personal things there without having them be LJ exclusive.

Our knitting blog, which has been buried under an avalanche of spam, will likely be resurrected by Omar, who will use Weblog or something to combine knitting feeds from our two blogs into one.

I’m having trouble just admitting that I don’t like LJ anymore. There are so many people there whose journals I’ve been reading so long, it would be sad to leave all together. Yet it seems to have hardly changed interfaces in the eight or nine years I’ve been using it. It just doesn’t feel right anymore. However, it’s also weird not to think about having a captive audience, and just kind of being out there floating in the blogocosm ether. What I’m trying to say is, what if nobody reads my blog? 😉

Other Downsides to this plan:
-Marsedit is only free for a 30 day trial
-It also is a mark-up editor not a WYSIWYG (i.e. return doesn’t make a paragraph)
-I may find I don’t blog at all during the school year or just revert to old habits
-Marsedit doesn’t have any interfacing options for LJ, for instance, no friends filtering or tags, so I’d have to come back to LJ and do that
-Ugh, this is confusing.

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