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here she is

She needs a name….I wanted Fenchurch, but someone else is using it, and I don’t want to be lame. and I also like Fisk, but it’s not quite right. I am leaning towards an F name but that can change.

AAAAAA I love her!


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Life in August

Everything new is old again.  I love my new job but it’s of course as exausting as any teaching job, although second-year teaching is NOT first year teaching by any means and I have a bag of tricks now that make everyday things much easier.

My OMGZ!!1! Full time job blythe arrived from Hong Kong. She’s an EBONY! I love her mucho! (will I be able to speak Spanish by the end of this year?) Michelle of course has cornered the market on Ebonies, so I’m just a copycat at this point, but I still think she’s grand. I haven’t though of name for her yet. When I ordered her I thought I’d customize her a bit, but now I doubt I will do anything except switch her chips and gaze correct her. I have a bunch of the new ixtee chips in the mail.

Name ideas: Zyta, Avenue, Tierra del Sol (the name of my new school in Spanish), Osprey, Gambrel, something german, an F name, a M name, an L name…? At one point yesterday I was delirious with tired and trying to come up with an a name and suggested “Jazz Hands.”  Omar suggested a few good ones which I forgot, one being WiFi.

She is doll number seven and I think Fable wants to be her BFF. Poor Clever is just not loved.

I have NO idea where our camera is, so there won’t be any pictures for awhile. Honestly, this place is a huge, huge mess. We have not settled at all from moving and there’s too much stuff here with Omar’s mom’s stuff and ours.

There’s so much to do for school and we are months behind with laundry and everything else. Sigh. I wonder if we will ever acheieve any sort of balance again.

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new job

I have a brand new, full time teaching job. I got hired two days ago, and it starts Monday. As a result, I am not sleeping well.
Maybe someday when I can’t sleep I’ll have a rocking chair with a big squishy butt cushion and a giant free trade handmade basket full of Malabrigo. I will stitch myself from one place in my life to the next. I will “Knit on” EZ style and not waste hours tossing and turning and mulling things over, trying to smooth them down to collectible dorodango.
But that time is not now, when our move is scheduled for Tuesday, things are half packed, there’s no food here…ugh.
But it’s good news, after all, if it doesn’t kill me with its big good-news-bear-hug-and-maul.

in my header, L R, Top: Mimi in the morning, Ebony dresses I have STILL not seen in action, clouds on our wedding day, helicopters in my grandparents driveway, goth pinwheel blankie, label from my grandpa’s shop, Mandy’s painting of MiMi
Bottom: Entrelac Noro Silk Garden neckwarmer with vintage button, Engagement kiosk–I mean gazebo, what I’d grab in a fire: computer and Charlie, wedding fascinator, Zeke (L) and Tessa (R), Garnet–first Blythe, woven placemats for my mom (cotton, silk ribbon, wool)

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